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Chemical Specialities

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Extending the life span of machines and systems. Providing a higher output in material processing. Delivering more functionality for textiles. Adding brilliant finishing to food. Whatever your require-ment, see for yourself which market- and application-specific solutions we can provide.


Strong Brands for your Success

The Freudenberg Chemical Specialities business group comprises five brands with extensive industry knowledge: Klüber Lubrication, OKS, Chem-Trend, SurTec and Capol. The brief descriptions of the individual brands provide a quick overview of their structure and portfolio as well as contact information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Profile Klüber Extended Life Span of Machines and Component Parts

For more than 80 years, Klüber Lubrication has provided all major global OEMs and operators with tribological solutions and specialty lubricants. Through intensive consultancy and wide-ranging services, we are able to produce high-quality products according to customer-specific requirements. Our extensive industry-specific knowledge, state-of-the-art research and test equipment, as well as our highly trained sales experts make it possible for us to develop products which offer better performance, durability and decreased maintenance needs, and which always consider effects for the environment. All this makes Klüber Lubrication a reliable partner for companies in industries such as automotive and transportation, conventional and renewable energies, food and food processing, or mechanical engineering and plant design.

Profile OKS More Efficient Maintenance of Machines and Plants

The chemo-technical maintenance products of OKS offer protection from friction, wear and corrosion. Thanks to 40 years of experience, our high-performance products guarantee maximum efficiency. This includes benefits such as reduced assembly times, easier disassembly and longer maintenance cycles for machines and plants. Due to a close collaboration between our development and production departments, we can rapidly translate new technologies into innovative products. One current example is the development of a fully synthetic oil that is suitable for continuous use at temperatures as low as -60 °C. In order to ensure a strong market presence and provide high-quality consulting services, we offer an extensive network of professional sales partners in the technical trade and oil industry.

Profile Chem-Trend Optimising Manufacturing Excellence through Superior Release Technology

Chem-Trend offers high-performance specialty release agents and lubricants as well as ancillary products for moulding and casting processes. Looking back on more than 50 years of experience, we help our customers manufacture their products more efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality, thus reducing operating costs and increasing the life cycles of molding tools. Release agents may represent only a small proportion of total production costs, but they can have a considerable effect on productivity and the reduction of rejection rates. In order to provide our customers worldwide with perfect services, Chem-Trend has production facilities on four continents, offices or representatives in 20 countries as well as qualified distributors in more than 50 countries.

Profile SurTec Better Protection & Quality for Surfaces

SurTec is a market-leading specialist for industrial parts cleaning, metal pre-treatment and functional/decorative electroplating. We offer tailored solutions for the thorough cleaning of sensitive alloys, for the matt pickling and anodizing of aluminium, for the reliable galvanizing of electroplated steel and for the chrome plating of plastics. SurTec has many years of experience combining top quality and performance with environmental compatibility. Scientists at our research and development centres in Germany and Brazil are working on new alloys, passivation, cold sealing systems and sealers that are allergen-free, efficient and easy to use. Today, the company has offices and partners in over 45 countries.

Profile Capol Putting the Finishing Touch on Food

Capol offers a wide portfolio of specialty products and services for manufacturers of confectionery products, food additives (VMS: Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements) and pet food. In addition to polishes, glazes, sealing and release agents we also provide comprehensive consulting services based on almost 40 years of experience in the market and intense collaboration with our customers worldwide. Of course, the compliance with most strict quality and safety regulations is a top priority: Our HACCP program is regularly audited by the independent DQS GmbH and continually receives excellent ratings. While continually expanding our portfolio for the confectionery industry, we plan to also address the needs of the VMS and pet food sector even more in the future. With the acquisition of the Colarôme Inc., Canada, Capol expanded its portfolio with a unique line of natural pigments allowing to create innovative coating products for food applications plus flavor formulations as well as natural vanilla extracts.