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Chemical Specialities

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Extending the life span of machines and systems. Providing a higher output in material processing. Delivering more functionality for textiles. Adding brilliant finishing to food. Whatever your require-ment, see for yourself which market- and application-specific solutions we can provide.

Auto­motive & Transpor­tation

Complex manufacturing processes and sophisticated requirements regarding durability and reliability of component parts – this is what is important in the automotive and transportation industry. Based on years of experience and extensive industry expertise Chem-Trend, SurTec, OKS and Klüber Lubrication are ready to address all of your needs, including:

  • Corrosion protection using electrolytic Zn-Ni coatings in automotive parts manufacturing: SurTec
  • Decorative Finishing of metal and plastic parts in vehicles without Chromium (VI): SurTec
  • Modular cleaners for use in cylinder production: SurTec
  • Specialty lubricants for all automotive components and parts: Klüber Lubrication
  • Proven specialty lubricants for railway train components and tracks: Klüber Lubrication
  • Powerful specialty lubricants for the marine and offshore industries: Klüber Lubrication
  • Special chromate-free coatings for protection against corrosion of aluminium alloys for use in the aerospace industry: SurTec
  • Release agents for tyres, automobile interior components, car seats and auto body parts: Chem-Trend
  • Release agents for the production of boat hulls from composite materials: Chem-Trend
  • Release agent systems for producing fibre composite parts for the aerospace industry: Chem-Trend