Chemical Specialities

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Chemical Specialities

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Extending the life span of machines and systems. Providing a higher output in material processing. Delivering more functionality for textiles. Adding brilliant finishing to food. Whatever your require-ment, see for yourself which market- and application-specific solutions we can provide.

Elec­tronics & Elec­trical Engine­ering

High performance even in small doses, high output in production as well as increased conductivity of metals – these are the major requirements for specialty chemical products in the electronics and electrical engineering industry. Our brands SurTec, Klüber Lubrication, OKS and Chem-Trend provide all this and more, for example:

  • Chromate-free method for preparing aluminium alloys with high surface conductivity: SurTec
  • Specialty lubricants for electric switches or electronic components such as computer hard drives: Klüber Lubrication
  • Release agents for the production of electronic housings: Chem-Trend
  • Plunger lubricants for injection moulding machines for manufacturing housings for laptops, hard drives and mobile phones: Chem-Trend
  • Silicone-free lubrication of transport chains of wave soldering machines for use at temperatures of up to 280°C: OKS