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Help reduce energy costs in die casting processes, protect valuable resources and improve carbon footprint

HERA – High Efficiency Release Agent for high pressure die casting

, Maisach

At the EuroGuss 2014 in Nuremberg, Chem-Trend presented a new highly efficient, water-based HERA die lubricant technology for high pressure aluminium and magnesium die casting processes. HERA, an acronym for „High Efficiency Release Agent“, offers significant benefits compared to conventional release agents. The proprietary ready to use die lubricant technology rapidly develops a highly effective release film on the die while minimizing plant effluent for operational cost savings. HERA provides increased production efficiency through shorter cycle times, enhanced part quality and lower scrap rates. Several of the castings submitted for the „International Aluminium Die Casting Competition” at EuroGuss 2014 were produced with Chem-Trend materials including HERA technology.

„The new die lubricant fulfills all requirements on a die lubricant suitable for today’s applications “, says Darko Tomazic, Sales Manager (Central and North Europe) Die Cast at Chem-Trend. “The materials provide excellent de-molding of complex part designs that are produced with new alloys under today’s challenging high pressure die casting processes, which are running at higher temperature and shorter cycle times.”

Additional benefits of the new die lubricant are its high potential to save energy and reduce the consumption of compressed air. Because HERA does not significantly contribute to thermal shock on the surface of a die, the appearance of stress cracks is dramatically reduced and the tool life is extended. In addition, notably reduced maintenance is required for the die lubricant central systems and supply pipes compared to conventional release agents.

HERA was developed by Chem-Trend within the scope of a three-year project promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project with the official designation "ProGRess - Enhancing energy and resource efficiency in aluminium die casting process chains" included several industry-leading companies and two institutes of the University of Brunswick. The declared objective of the conjoint research project was to increase the utilisation efficiency of energy and resources by 15 per cent within the complete process chain of aluminum die casting, including melting the basic material to the finished part. At the same time, negative impacts on the productivity as well as the defined quality had to be excluded. In particular, „ProGRess“ pursued an improvement of the carbon footprint through the reduction of CO2-emissions from industrial processes and the reduction of energy consumption, which in the segment of aluminium die casting is especially high.

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