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Katherine Clark of Capol LLC awarded with “Supplier Member of the Year”

National Confectioners Association recognizes Industry Dedication

, Miami

Katherine Clark, Vice-President of Sales for Capol LLC, subsidary of the German confectionary finishing specialist Capol GmbH, was recognized for her industry dedication with an NCA Supplier Member of the Year Award, presented at the State of the Industry Conference.

Peter Blommer, NCA Vice-Chairman, and President and COO of Blommer Chocolate Co., presented Clark the award, which is given to an individual NCA supplier member who has shown excellence in their trade through significant contributions to the candy business and steady involvement in confectionery organizations.

Her commitment, smarts and work ethic were highlighted by Blommer as traits that have led to Clark's success. “She is effective in any role she takes on and is the epitome of leadership, enthusiasm and warmth,” he added.

Katherine Clark really appreciated the distinction and said: “I go to work every day and every day I love what I do. I'm truly grateful to be in this industry.”

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