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Cumbrous residues removed effortlessly

OKS with new highly efficient adhesive and paint remover

, Maisach

Adhesive and label residues, residues of paints and adhesive films, baked-on sealing residues, oily and greasy soiling as well as tar and bitumen splashes can be extraordinarily stubborn. This problem is solved by the new highly-efficient OKS 2681. Simple to use, the new cleaning spray dissolves hard-to-remove residues from hard surfaces such as metal, stainless steel, wood, ceramics as well as numerous plastics rapidly and effortlessly.

Application using a spray can makes it easy to reach even hardly accessible points. Thanks to OKS 2681's ability to infiltrate and thus loosen residues, damage to the surface, for example through scratching with hard tools, is avoided.

"Users in workshops, handicraft and sanitary companies, in industrial cleaning and in maintenance are well acquainted with the problem of tediously removing stubborn residues", says Carolin Neuner, Product Manager at OKS. "OKS 2681 dissolves these annoying soilings effortlessly after a brief soaking period of two to five minutes."

The new highly efficient cleaning spray contains an active ingredient with low effect on the climate and without any influence on the ozone layer (ODP=0). The product removes polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, oils and greases, polyolefins, glues and adhesives as well as paints and lacquers on a PMMA and PU resin basis.

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