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Effective surface finishing for the rotomolding process

The new Flow Promoter offers an ideal complement to Chem-Trend’s release agents

, Maisach

During the rotomolding process, ground thermoplastic resins – usually polyethylene – are tumbled against the inner surface of a hot rotating moulding tool, where the powder will coat the mould surface and fuse together. In this way, seamless hollow components can be manufactured – e.g. containers, storage tanks, toys, or even very complex moulded parts. Irregular shaped components in particular often comprise areas such as tight corners, narrow cross-sections or inserts near to side walls, which the moulding resin will have difficulties to flow into and fully coat the surface or fuse together. This can lead to surface “pinholes” and variations in the wall thickness of the product to the point where voids can be formed in the part surface.

With the Flow Promoter, Chem-Trend has developed a solution which helps the material to reach and adhere to difficult areas, thus ensuring that the moulded part takes on an even, blemish-free surface. The new product is spray applied producing a fast drying film with no visible transfer to the moulded component and offers very low build-up on the mould.

„In particular in the early stages of the rotomolding process, the tumbling resin sometimes has difficulty in reaching and remaining in the places where it is most needed“, explains Bob Greene European Sales Manager for rotomoulding at Chem-Trend. „With the Flow Promoter, we offer the most effective surface finish improvement currently available, as well as an ideal complement to Chem-Trend’s highly efficient release agents.“

The new product can be easily applied to the areas which experience tells will be problematic and susceptible to pinholing. The Flow Promoter is perfectly matched to Chem-Trend’s release agents and other processing aids.

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