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The new universal oil for maintenance and servicing

OKS 630 Multi Oil PLUS with PTFE

, Maisach

A multi oil for maintenance and servicing that really deserves this title has to fulfil a whole range of prerequisites. Multi oils are used to lessen friction, reduce wear, protect against corrosion and to lubricate hardly accessible components, in part under the effects of weathering or higher pressure loads. The new OKS 630 Multi Oil PLUS with PTFE – available in the spray version as OKS 631 – scores in all the fields mentioned.

Through the formation of a lubricating film containing PTFE the new silicone-free multi oil protects components even at high loads not only reliably against friction and wear, but furthermore enables excellent dry lubrication and emergency-running properties. Through its very good creep properties OKS 630 is rapidly effective and easily penetrates hardly accessible lubrication points. Rust is infiltrated and partially dissolved. At the same time the components are protected against the effects of weathering and the formation of new corrosion is prevented.

"In internal product tests OKS 630 achieved excellent results in all properties that are important for multi oil", explains
Carolin Neuner, Product Manager at OKS. "OKS 630 is thus an excellent universal product for manifold applications."

Fields of application of the new OKS 630 Multi Oil PLUS with PTFE are the lubrication of hardly accessible machine elements such as levers, slideways, chains and hinges, the lubrication of moving parts under the influence of dirt or humidity and the elimination of squeaking and creaking noises.

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