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Water-based bonded coatings for improved workplace safety

Klüber Lubrication extends its portfolio of high-performance bonded coatings for elastomers

, Munich


When selecting products for coating elastomer profiles and components, workplace safety plays an increasingly important role since the volatile organic solvents enabling application of the bonded coating may cause considerable air pollution. This is why manufacturers and coating companies are stepping up their efforts to find alternative products to replace conventional bonded coatings which contain organic solvents. Klüber Lubrication has now launched two bonded coatings which exclusively contain water-based solvents and are completely free of organic co-solvents. "We succeeded in developing bonded coatings which outperform comparable products and at the same time make a substantial contribution to increasing operational safety at the customer's", explains Jun Harasaki, Head of Product Portfolio Management at Klüber Lubrication.

Klüberflex 100-0 N serves particularly for reducing friction and wear of profiled seals used e.g. in the automotive industry. Due to its innovative formulation including a modern binder system, the silicone-hybrid bonded coating hardens quicker than conventional products. The curing time of Klüberflex 100-0 N in the coating chamber at 150 °C is only 5 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes. In Klüberflex 100-0 N, cross-linking takes place on the extrusion line at an object temperature of 220 °C in under 60 s. In addition, customers benefit from a higher flexibility of the coating, even at temperatures down to minus 40 °C.

Klüberflex 300-0 N is used for coating O-rings and seals in all industries. The bonded coating offers excellent elongation characteristics without causing lacquer cracks. Owing to its low baking temperature of min. 120 °C, Klüberflex 300-0 N is suitable for a wide range of elastomers, thus making a substantial contribution to saving costs and energy.

Both bonded coatings have been approved by numerous manufacturers and are used in a variety of industries.

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