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High-performance lubricants for the textile industry

Klüber Lubrication at ITMA in Milano, hall 7, stand H7-D105

, Munich

Textile machines and their components are subject to high stress. Constantly changing high loads, vibrations and varying operating conditions require tough equipment. External factors such as moisture and extreme temperature variations come on top of that. To minimise wear, reduce costly downtime and extend maintenance intervals, speciality lubricants play a vital role. Klüber Lubrication presents its latest product developments and customised services at the ITMA 2015.

"Klüber Lubrication has a long-standing experience in the field of textiles, offering lubricants for almost every textile segment", explains Christian Forster, Market Manager Textile Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "We have developed many of our products in close cooperation with OEMs especially for the textile industry to comply with their particular requirements."

New products at the ITMA 2015
Klübersynth 80 KV is a new ageing-resistant high-temperature gear oil for weaving machines. This synthetic oil based on polyglycol offers an excellent viscosity-temperature beaviour, a high load-carrying capacity and reliable protection against wear.

The range of new products includes the versatile long-term lubricating grease Klübertemp GR AR 555, which has been especially developed for use at operating temperatures up to 250 °C. The grease can be used for many different components, also when exposed to aggressive media.

Another new product is Klüber Silvertex HS-68. It has been designed, tested and approved in close cooperation with a leading manufacturer of large circular and high-speed knitting machines. With Klüber Silvertex HS 68, speed factors of more than 2100 can be achieved, i.e. 70 rotations of a 30" machine. Thus, a daily output of more than 1500 kg of single knit fabric is possible with this product.

Klüber Madol 900 N was especially developed to meet the requirements of modern mechanical knitting machines and reliably lubricates needles, sinkers, needle cams, needle cylinders, dials and sinker rings. This special oil offers good wear protection, hence extends the service life of the stitch-forming elements. Moreover, Klüber Madol 900 N ensures smooth running due to its oscillation and noise damping properties. The oil is scourable using conventional washing liquors and is compatible with elasthan fibre.

"Apart from high-quality products we also offer our customers customised services such as KlüberEfficiencySupport. With this programme, Klüber Lubrication provides support and advice on the subject of energy efficiency. Reducing energy and maintenance costs plays an increasingly important role in the textile industry", says Forster. Klüber Lubrication will also be presenting the automatic relubrication system Klübermatic, which enables reliable and precise lubricant feed to the friction points at adjustable intervals, thus preventing excess lubrication.

At the ITMA 2015, the experts from Klüber Lubrication will be pleased to answer all questions visitors may have regarding the subject of speciality lubricants for the textile industry.

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