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Reliable lubrication of screw connections

New assembly paste from Klüber Lubrication for oil refineries

, Munich

A regular maintenance shutdown of installations in oil refineries requires the removal and inspection of more than 100,000 screw connections of varying dimensions and materials used in pipes, measurement and control equipment, valves, fittings, heat exchangers, tanks and containers. To avoid expensive delays in maintenance activities, easy and non-destructive disassembly of screw connections is necessary. Therefore, an assembly paste is required which prevents fretting of screw connections even when exposed to the sometimes aggressive ambient conditions of refineries and high temperatures. It is especially for the stringent requirements in this industry that Klüber Lubrication has developed the new assembly paste Klüberpaste HS 91-21.

The easy-to-spread assembly paste is based on an innovative combination of solid lubricants which shows an excellent separating effect on materials with a tendency to fretting, e.g. V2A, V4A and high-temperature steel. Due to its high degree of purity in terms of sulphur, chlorine, fluorine and heavy metals, the paste does not react with metal surfaces, thus protecting the screw connection.

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