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Improve Tyre Manufacturing Processes with Chem-Trend

Chem-Trend at the Tyre Technology Expo 2016 booth #4024, Hall19/20

, Maisach


As the transportation industry continues to respond to new regulations, trends and technologies, raw materials need to be more specialised to help tyre producers optimise manufacturing processes and tyre performance. Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance mould coatings, offers a wide range of tyre manufacturing aids to help minimise mould fouling, improve rubber flow, enhance tyre release and refine tyre appearance.

While Chem-Trend provides many chemical specialties for general tyre manufacturing processes, a new range of mould coatings has been developed under the Chem-Trend ML-5000 Series to help overcome challenges specific to manufacturing modern winter tyres.

· Improved de-moulding – The latest generation of winter tyres is very difficult to de-mould because of the extremely sticky tread compounds and increasingly complex tread patterns. By using specifically modified laboratory equipment to simulate the tyre de-moulding process, Chem-Trend has developed new mould coatings to optimise slip and rubber flow for winter tyres.

· Optimised appearance – Chem-Trend’s new mould coatings provide more distinct sidewall lettering and sharper tread blocks to help tyre makers achieve the highest-quality, finished-tyre appearance.

Additionally, the new mould coatings can be used to help improve manufacturing processes for UHP and UUHP tyres. Chem-Trend’s highly durable mould-coating formulations are engineered to overcome processing challenges uniquely related to the low profile shape, construction and high-quality demands of UHP and UUHP tyres. With longer intervals between applications, the long-lasting mould coatings help tyre producers increase efficiency and reduce overall operational costs.

Chem-Trend products are not only dependable; they’re also customisable to fit any tyre manufacturing process – no matter the challenge. Product solutions can even be formulated to help manufacturers overcome very specific moulding issues, such as extended tyre mould use between cleaning cycles for longer tooling life.

Chem-Trend’s global network of R&D, manufacturing, technical service and sales locations reach the farthest corners of the world, providing customers with a strong support system. With a dedicated laboratory for the tyre manufacturing industry and hard-earned experience gained on shop floors, Chem-Trend’s technical experts can focus completely on overcoming industry challenges to help customers make their tyre moulding processes faster and more effective.
To learn more about the ML-5000 Series and other Chem-Trend products for the tyre industry, visit booth #4024, Hall19/20 at the 2016 Tyre Technology Expo, February 16-18 in Hannover, Germany.

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents and casting lubricants, has achieved the highest global certificate of registration for its quality management systems at two manufacturing facilities in Howell.

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