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Simultaneous cleaning and lubrication of chains

New high-temperature oil significantly reduces downtime and maintenance costs for continuous wood presses in wood-based panel producing plants

, Munich

Clean, smooth-running chain carpet systems, bending rods and bolts are essential for presses in the continuous production of wood-based panels. With Klübertherm CH 2-140, Klüber Lubrication has developed a new high-temperature cleaning and lubrication oil which is perfectly suited for the requirements of these applications. The new speciality oil is characterised not only by its excellent wear protection, but its special additives also dissolve pasty residues and flush them away from the lubrication point. This enables trouble-free operation of the press and significantly reduces maintenance-related downtime.

"Klübertherm CH 2-140 unfolds its good cleaning effect without requiring the production cycle to be interrupted," explains Thomas Krammer, Head of Business Unit Wood based Panel Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "The correct and timely use of the new speciality oil reduces the maintenance effort required for cleaning the roller rods and replacing the bending rods and bolts to a minimum."

In addition, the new high-temperature oil is characterised by its very high thermal stability and its excellent load-carrying capacity. Klübertherm CH 2-140 is particularly suitable for use in continuous presses such as Siempelkamp, Dieffenbacher and Küsters, among others.

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