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Klüber Lubrication at the InnoTrans 2016 in hall 21A, stand 409

Optimise life cycle costs using speciality lubricants

, Munich


Life cycle costs play an essential role in the railway industry. In particular, the operating costs of the installations and components have to be continuously monitored by the operators. For many railway applications Klüber Lubrication offers lubricants made to match the requirements in terms of oil change and relubrication intervals and extend the service life of components, thus reducing operating costs. At the InnoTrans 2016, Klüber Lubrication will be presenting its latest developments under the motto "Closer to you".

At the trade show Klüber Lubrication will put a focus on presenting the gear oil Klübersynth LEG 4 75 W 90 which was especially developed for gearboxes in railway applications, and shows its strengths particularly at low temperatures. The fully synthetic gear oil enables trains to set off even at extreme temperatures as low as minus 50 °C without its full performance capacity being affected at an oil sump temperature of 100 °C.

"With this gear oil we succeeded in maintaining the full performance capacity over a very wide temperature range. Klübersynth LEG 4 75 W 90 can therefore also be used in very cold climates all year round," explains Thomas Kamprath, Market Manager Rail Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "For many years Klüber Lubrication has been supplying customised lubricants matching the requirements of OEMs and operators.

The fully synthetic grease BARRIERTA L 25 DL is a good example, which has proven successful for many years in door rubber profiles. This lubricant ensures low friction between seals and the train body - an essential prerequisite for preventing blockage of doors to ensure smooth and reliable opening and closing of doors. BARRIERTA L 25DL offers a reliable UV protection of door seals over a wide temperature range.

At the InnoTrans 2016 in hall 21A, stand 409, the experts from Klüber Lubrication will be pleased to answer all questions visitors may have regarding the subject of tribology in railway operation.

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