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Ground-breaking ceremony for major Freudenberg project in Maisach

New European logistics centre for three divisions

, Maisach


With a ground-breaking ceremony, the Freudenberg Group, a technology company active throughout the world has started work on the construction of a new European logistics center for its company Freudenberg Chemical Specialities (FCS) of Munich in the Maisach Gernlinden industrial estate. When it has been completed, the new complex will house the logistics function of Klüber Lubrication Munich, a FCS-company. Two other FCS companies are located in the immediate vicinity: OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH and Chem-Trend Deutschland GmbH. They will also benefit from the new location, which will house a new laboratory for the development and testing activities of Chem-Trend, provide additional office space or allow the companies to cease rented storage facilities.

“The new logistics centre is extremely important for our companies,” said Hanno D. Wentzler, CEO of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities. “Over the past few years, the infrastructure at our sites in the Munich region and the facilities of certain national companies has increasingly restricted our activities. We can now eliminate these bottlenecks and further improve our competitiveness in the years ahead.”

In Maisach Freudenberg already laid the foundation for this expansion in 2007 by acquiring commercial building land in the immediate vicinity of the existing OKS and Chem-Trend facilities

The key data of the project are as follows:

  • Floor space for logistics centre with small container filling unit and administrative area: about 16,600 m²
  • Space for laboratories, technology centre and additional offices: about 2,700 m²
  • About 120 employees at the facility
  • Canteen for more than 100 employees
  • 180 parking spaces
  • Additional reserve space for storage areas, offices and technical systems
  • Total project cost: about €40 million
  • Planned date of completion: second half of 2017

“Tasks which have been distributed between different European companies will be centralized at Maisach in the future,” said Hanno D. Wentzler. This will mean that certain production companies, for example, will have the space they need for expansion in line with their requirements. In the final resort, our customers will also benefit from short delivery times as a result of the very good connections to national and international freight transport routes.”

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