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Prevent unwanted odours in car interiors

New speciality lubricant offers good wear protection and minimum odorous emissions

, Munich


Applications in the car interior are particularly sensitive to smell, as passengers are seated in a confined space, often for a prolonged period. For the manufacturers of car interior components the reduction of odorous emissions is a major issue. The new Klüberplex RA 41-151, which emits only a minimum of smell, meets this requirement. The special grease is free of solid lubricants and reduces wear and friction on hard metal surfaces as well as on soft plastic friction points. The main field of application of Klüberplex RA 41-151 is the sunroof.

"The scent encountered in a new car is a decisive factor for feeling comfortable inside it. It may even influence the customer's decision to buy - whether consciously or subconsciously", explains Frank Werner, Head of Business Unit Automotive Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "In the development of Klüberplex RA 41-151 we therefore focused on achieving an outstanding wear protection as well as on optimising olfactory characteristics.

Klüberplex RA 41-151 was developed to reduce friction and wear in plain bearings, guide rails, mechanisms and actuators made of plastic and/or metal. It is compatible with many types of plastics and elastomer.

"Since metal and plastic show different behaviour in several decisive ways, any lubricant to be used with plastics has to be adjusted accordingly", adds Frank Werner. "Compared with metal, plastics are rather soft. Solid lubricants have a positive effect in many metal friction points; on plastic surfaces, by contrast, their effect may be non-existent or even detrimental. Klüberplex RA 41-151 is free of solid lubricants and shows good adhesion to plastic surfaces. "

Further applications, apart from sunroofs, are guide rails, gear shifts, heating and ventilation control, seat adjustment mechanisms, pedal boxes, etc..

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