The Freudenberg Group and its family shareholders are committed to protecting the environment. We believe in handling our resources with care and use environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible in order to be responsible corporate citizens in all countries and communities in which we do business.

Our goal is to offer our customers a powerful combination of high performance and long-term strategy of growth. In doing so, we exercise due care regarding the safety of our employees and products. And of course, we do everything in our power to ensure sustainable operation in order not to burden future generations. In addition, we strive for offering sustainable solutions that help our customers to better meet their own sustainability objectives.

Fairness and integrity guide our conduct within the company, towards our business partners and with the general public. All our activities are based on the values and principles of the Freudenberg Group which obligate us to precision, quality consciousness, entrepreneurship as well as to morally and ethically responsible actions.

Our mother company, the Freudenberg Group, has put many dedicated programs and initiatives in place, to cope with our entrepreneurial and societal responsibility and to comply with greater sustainability objectives. These objectives and the resulting obligations also apply to us. Respective information can be found here: