Basic Mater­ials & Heavy Indus­try

Extreme temperatures, continuous operation, heavy-duty loads, exposure to water, vapor, acids, saltwater, extreme wind and weather: The conditions being faced in the basic materials and heavy industry are harsh. High-quality lubricants are a must. Here are some examples of exactly the quality our brands SurTec, OKS, Chem-Trend and Klüber Lubrication provide:

  • Neutral cleaners and temporary corrosion protection for the cleaning process in the production of storage systems: SurTec
  • Multi-functional lubricants for casting, metal forming or machining processes: Klüber Lubrication
  • Lubricants for the entire process chain of steel production – from ore dressing and iron ore melting in furnaces to processing in steel works and steel casting plants to cold and hot rolling mills: Klüber Lubrication
  • Lubricants for breakers, mills, rotary furnaces, drying and cooling units, vibrating screens, separators and roller presses in cement production: Klüber Lubrication
  • Specialty pastes for assembly/disassembly in refineries and chemical plants: OKS
  • Tire paints and mould coatings for the manufacturing of special tires for large farming, building and mining vehicles: Chem-Trend