Mainte­nance & Repair

Enhanced energy efficiency, streamlined maintenance and production processes as well as an improved performance of machines and assemblies – all these are vital requirements in the maintenance and repair sector. Our brands Klüber Lubrication, OKS, Chem-Trend and SurTec provide customers with a powerful combination of professional consulting services and a comprehensive portfolio including, for example:

  • Solutions for maintenance and repair optimisation: Klüber Lubrication
  • Solutions for increased productivity: Klüber Lubrication
  • Solutions for higher performance of assemblies and parts: Klüber Lubrication
  • Chromate-free repair pen for local on-site repairs on conversion coatings in the aerospace or automotive sector: SurTec
  • Performance lubricants for operational maintenance and repair: OKS
  • Environmentally friendly specialty cleaners for use during assembly and dismantling: OKS
  • Automatic lubrication dispensers for machines and plants: OKS
  • Welding release agents for higher productivity: OKS
  • Purging compounds for processing thermoplastics (for example in injection moulding machines): Chem-Trend
  • Products for maintenance and repair of moulds in thermoplastics processing: Chem-Trend