Getting Ready for Industry 4.0 using a new software

The EfficiencyManager from Klüber Lubrication for transparent process planning

04/04/2017, Munich

In the age of Industry 4.0 manufacturing companies have to deal with increasingly complex machinery and maintenance procedures. Tighter schedules and optimised maintenance intervals are to be met as well as legal regulations and documentation requirements. All this calls for more efficient processes and optimised planning.


Klüber Lubrication now offers a software which enables manufacturing companies to efficiently align increasingly complex structures in the networked plant: the EfficiencyManager. It provides companies with an overview of all the machines, appliances and equipment relevant for the production process. "The EfficiencyManager offers many options to increase efficiency in production", explains Fritz Bischof, Manager Digital Transformation at Klüber Lubrication. It provides companies with a transparent overview of their potential for optimisation. Potentials for increasing efficiency can be ideally multiplied, e.g. in the form of energy efficiency projects, the optimisation of spare parts life or the reduction of defects and hence maintenance activities."

Companies can use the EfficiencyManager online and enter all the information required for a trouble-free production. This includes for example data on relubrication and maintenance, deadlines for calibrating scales or inspecting fire extinguishers. "Thanks to accurate documentation of all details perceived by the customers as significant, our EfficiencyManager has become an important, indeed vital source of information. It also provides valuable support for preparing and conducting audits, for example,” says Fritz Bischof.

Via the cloud-based EfficiencyManager multilocation companies can exchange Best Practices and ensure transparency across all locations. A dedicated authorisation system makes sure that each user can only see the relevant section and perform the activities for which he/she has been authorised. The data concerned are stored securely on a server in Germany. User guidance is browser-based.