Klüber Lubrication at the iba 2018 in hall B1/400

Reduce contamination risks, increase output - Safe process agents for all applications in the baking industry

07/27/2018, München

A comprehensive range of products for the entire baking process designed to offer a maximum of food safety and quality is presented at the iba 2018 by the tribology expert Klüber Lubrication. The portfolio comprises high-grade speciality lubricants and excellent release agents for all applications as well as complementary services for the baking industry. Among the most remarkable new products presented are the high-performance Klüber Summit RHT FG 68 compressor oils and the Klüber Summit R series, which was especially developed for ammonia and CO2 refrigeration compressors, the highly efficient premium heat transfer fluid Klüberfood NHT1-18 for enclosed heat transfer systems as well as the new high-temperature chain oil Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME, which has been tested with excellent results for example in pizza ovens operating at up to 650 °C.


"Professional lubricant management is a decisive aspect when preparing for an audit", explains Jürgen Murhammer, Global Market Manager Food Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "Since the products made by Klüber Lubrication are designed for minimum-quantity lubrication, even very small quantities are sufficient to attain the desired lubricating effect. This clearly reduces the risk of contamination, e.g. by MOSH/MOAH. The low energy consumption leads to a reduced demand for energy and less maintenance, contributing to more sustainability in the company."

Soon in the company's portfolio: release agents for the baking industry
Klüber Lubrication is going to extend its portfolio of process agents by release agents for applications in the baking industry. These are required for example for dough moulds and cutting knives, baking moulds and conveyor belts in baking lines. Since release agents are intended for applications where they are in direct contact with the food product, particularly strict regulations apply. Klüber Lubrication thus offers its customers lubricants and release agents from a single source.

Make process planning transparent
Klüber Lubrication now offers a software which enables manufacturing companies to efficiently align increasingly complex structures in the networked company: the EfficiencyManager. It provides operators with an overview of all the machines, appliances and equipment relevant for the production process. "The EfficiencyManager offers many options to increase efficiency in production", explains Dennis Klamer, Service Business Developer at Klüber Lubrication. "Companies are provided with a transparent overview of all reports as well as analyses, inspections and similar documents. They are filed according to the machine they refer to. A straightforward traffic light system at the monitor enables the condition of the machines to be checked at a glance and details to be analysed. Potentials for increasing efficiency can be ideally multiplied, e.g. in the form of optimising spare parts life or the reduction of failures and hence maintenance activities."

Companies can use the EfficiencyManager online or by mobile app and enter all the information required for a trouble-free production. This includes for example data on relubrication and maintenance, deadlines for calibrating scales or inspecting fire extinguishers.

At the iba 2018, the experts from Klüber Lubrication will be pleased to answer all questions regarding food safety, sustainability and efficient production in Hall B1/400.