Klüber Lubrication at the IZB in Wolfsburg

Tribological solutions for enhanced driving comfort

08/30/2018, Munich

New speciality lubricants for an improved haptic, acoustic and olfactory experience


When it comes to comfort and an enjoyably pleasant driving experience, all our senses play a significant role – a solid clunk when the car’s door is closed is just as important as a smoothly engaging gear lever and a serenely travelling car without any annoying vibrations or squeaking and creaking noises. This is why throughout the vehicle greases, oils and bonded coatings are deployed. The approximately 250 friction points in an automobile pose highly disparate requirements for the lubricants used. At the IZB 2018, Klüber Lubrication will be exhibiting its comprehensive portfolio of specialty lubricants for the automotive industry, which contains the appropriate tribological solution for each of these friction points. This year, major focuses include the showcasing of odour-neutral speciality lubricants for the vehicle’s interior – after all, our sense of smell plays not the least important role in ensuring a consummate overall driving ambience.

“To ensure that driving is an enjoyable experience, not only optimum functionality, but also the odour-neutrality of the lubricants utilised is an important factor,” explains Maik Messerschmidt, Head of Sales Automotive Industry at Klüber Lubrication Germany. “With our minimised-emissions speciality greases, we have for years now been confirming that we have a keen nose for olfactory excellence.”

One of the new products being premiered at the IZB 2018 is the odour-neutral multitalented Klübersynth LMI 44-42, which for numerous applications in the vehicle’s interior offers dependable protection against friction and wear over the car’s entire lifetime, and excels in terms of its low-temperature performance. The new speciality grease sets fresh standards when it comes to odour-neutrality, and significantly outperforms the stipulated VDA 270 rating of 3. Thanks to its good compatibility with plastics and elastomers, the grease is an optimum solution for applications like seat adjusters, closing mechanisms and numerous components with linear and rotary movements.

At the IZB, in Hall 5, Stand 5214, the tribological experts from Klüber Lubrication will be pleased to answer all questions relating to speciality lubricants for the automotive industry.