Klüber Lubrication receives German Innovation Award

New hydro lubricants win in the “Material Surface” and “Design Thinking” categories

06/07/2018, Munich

Innovation Award

Klüber Lubrication has won the German Innovation Award presented annually by the German Design Council. The global market leader for speciality lubricants was recognised in two categories: in “Material Surface” for the innovative technology of its hydro lubricants and in the “Design Thinking” category for the equally cutting-edge process used to develop them.

“Our new hydro lubricants represent a revolution in lubricant technology”, explains Samira El Allam, innovation manager at Klüber Lubrication. “Using water as a functional constituent in lubricants opens up entirely new applications that offer our customers in various industries sustainability and performance advantages. These advantages range from extremely low friction coefficients to improved workplace safety and sustainability.”

Klüber Lubrication released its first hydro lubricant for gear lubrication in early 2018; hydro lubricants for other applications are currently in development.

Design Thinking
In addition to the product itself, the jury also found the innovative and agile development process worthy of an award in the “Design Thinking” category. The new product was created in close and flexible cooperation between various departments at Klüber Lubrication and with dynamic customers. An iterative approach and cross-functional staffing enabled the project team to assume new viewpoints in order to identify customer needs early on and translate them into concrete concepts.

For Klüber Lubrication the hydro lubricants project paved the way to innovative project methods. In future, agile methods such as design thinking will be used wherever possible in order to foster innovation.

The German Innovation Award
The German Innovation Award recognises innovations that have a lasting impact. The award was initiated by the German Design Council, an organisation that has been working to strengthen design as an economic factor for over 60 years.