No emissions and flammable solvents

New water-miscible bonded coatings for elastomers and O-rings

11/30/2018, Munich

Klüber Lubrication now offers new water-miscible bonded coatings free of flammable solvents for the life-time dry lubrication and pre-start lubrication of special applications. Apart from the well-known benefits of dry lubrication, the new product lines significantly improves the sliding and sealing effect of O-rings due to the reduced permeability to gases and liquids. The new product line complements the product families Klüberplus for easier assembly, Klüberflex for dynamic applications and Klübertop for use in the food sector.

O Ringe

"In O-ring lubrication bonded coatings have to fulfill various tasks, e.g. provide a separation effect, simplify assembly, or withstand dynamic loads like in valve lubrication“, explains Rudolf Zechel, Manager Special Projects at Klüber Lubrication. "Bonded coatings for components in the food and drinking waters sector also have to comply with FDA and drinking water requirements. Our new product line combines the advantages of our proven bonded coatings with the additional benefit of being free of flammable solvents, which is why no emissions are released during application."

Bonded coatings used for O-rings offer numerous advantages. O-rings can be separated easily during automated assembly. They ensure a high level of safety as leakage or twisting of O-rings during assembly is prevented and joining forces are reduced. In addition, contamination of sensors due to lubrication can be ruled out. Bonded coatings can also be used for colouring to minimise the risk of confusion with different sizes or materials.

In dynamic applications, dry-lubricated O-rings significantly reduce the friction value and increase the service life of components. This applies to seals subject to several hundred revolutions per minute as well as to low-speed applications such as opening fuel filler caps or operating a bell button. Such applications are efficiently protected from freezing in winter time by using bonded coatings.