State-of-the-art: OKS with a new website

Expert knowledge in the fields of speciality lubricants and chemical maintenance products

03/08/2018, Munich

Competent information, with a modern and clear presentation – this is the new website of OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH. Forty years of know-how in the development of speciality lubricants and chemotechnical maintenance products for various branches and applications are presented concisely and with intuitive user guidance under


"The challenge lay in structuring our immense tribological know-how in such a manner that users can quickly orientate themselves on the website and can also find answers to specific questions rapidly without tedious searching", Dr. Markus Breitenbach, Marketing Head OKS, explains. "In order to meet the differing requirements of our various target groups we offer both focused solutions for concrete applications as well as extensive tribological background information. In addition, a comfortable dealer search and an integrated online shop ensure rapid access to OKS products for industrial and commercial prospective customers."

The more than 150 product pages of the new OKS website are divided into seven lubricant categories through which suitable products can be determined rapidly for the various branches and applications. Extensive in-depth information regarding tribological basics, the various types of lubricants, current standards and test procedures as well as a comprehensive tribology glossary and a special download section make the new Internet presence of the lubricant and maintenance specialists a useful orientation guide and a compendium for users, speciality retailers, development engineers and material scientists.