CAPOL makes the world’s largest gummy candy shine

Whether fruity or fresh, little or big...

02/15/2022, Elmshorn

gummies and jellies need a surface treatment to attain their perfect finish – and this is the case for the world's largest fruit gum, too. In a special application, CAPOL® anti-sticking agents were recently used to glaze a dolphin-shaped fruit gummy candy weighing over one ton and thereby contributing to a shining world record.


In the presence of an expert committee from the Guinness Book of World Records and numerous visitors, Shiva Manufacturing Company exhibited their giant fruit gummy candy in Tehran, Iran, on January 27, 2022. Weighing in at a whopping 1,212.5 kg, it broke all previous records, thereby achieving an entry in the official Guinness Book of World Records. The project was initiated to drive awareness for wildlife and environmental protection, with the fruit gum being manufactured in

the shape of a dolphin to attract attention for this endangered species.

The fruit gum dolphin, which was more than 3.5 meters long and 2 meters wide, took Shiva over one year to create, including feasibility studies, several production tests and practical implementation. According to Shiva’s own data, they used more than 650 kg of glucose syrup, 430 kg of sugar and 240 l of water in the production process. While highly efficient CAPOL® anti-sticking agents only made up a fraction of the dolphin’s weight, they were indispensable in providing the glossy overall appearance of the gummy.

Anti-sticking agents are applied at the end of the gummy manufacturing process to give the products a finishing touch. A very thin protective layer prevents the confectionery from sticking and drying out prematurely, while at the same time providing it with an attractive gloss. For this purpose, CAPOL develops special surface treatment formulations based on high-quality natural waxes and oils.

Traditionally, anti-sticking agents are applied in oiling drums, where the product is evenly spread by rotation to cover the entirety of the fruit gummies’ surfaces. The application to a record-size fruit gum dolphin posed special requirements, however, so the anti-sticking agent was applied manually. With the right product for every application, CAPOL is constantly researching innovative and efficient solutions to meet the needs of its confectionery customers – whether in industrial production or even for a world record!

Entry in the Guinness Book: