Firm like a rock

03/29/2023, München

“Looking at all the challenges we and many other players in the industry faced during 2022, we feel that the image of being a firm block in the breakers pretty much fits the FCS position,” Filip Krulis, FCS CEO says. “Negative effects on the supply chains, still persisting even the pandemic seems to be over, raw material availability issues, and rising energy cost, regulatory challenges, the decline of some of our core industries and political uncertainties triggered by the Ukraine war, kept us busy.” Anyhow, all five FCS Business Units grew stronger than expected in almost all regional markets and industry segments. Even in Asia, affected by the governmental imposed lockdown in China following the pandemic development there, the FCS group performed well. With total sales of almost € 1.5b (about +19% versus 2021), the Business Group exceeded its own projections, at least in its main market segments.

“Our organic growth could have been better, no doubt, but even defending our leading position is a great success. Admittedly, a good portion of our turnover growth results from price increases, this is also part of the story”, Krulis stated. “But we have also shown our resilience against unfortunate conditions and we have prepared ourselves by adding up to our businesses by meaningful acquisitions.” Krulis said. The company has taken measures to secure its future by investing in matching add-on acquisitions strengthening its market position e. g. for its Business Unit SurTec.

“Our teams showed extraordinary engagement under difficult conditions. We again proofed that customer orientation is one of our key strength. Our offerings in the area of sustainability and digitalization gained further ground and helped us to further differentiate from other market players. The integration of the newly acquired businesses progressed rapidly, which is a great achievement, driven by our teams in the Business Units.” The FCS group employs more than 4,000 people and has extended its global footprint again with now operating from almost 100 locations in over 40 countries.


Filip Krulis, FCS CEO