Klüber Lubrication awarded with gold medal for sustainability again in 2023

Leading rating agency lists lubricants manufacturer among best four percent of 100,000 companies under review

03/23/2023, Munich

Klüber Lubrication was awarded the "gold medal" by EcoVadis, a leading company for sustainability ratings, for the second time after 2022. This makes the lubricant manufacturer one of the best four percent of more than 100,000 companies rated worldwide. Especially in the focal categories "Environment" and "Workers' and Human Rights", the expert for specialty lubricants scored clearly above average. In "Ethical Purchasing" Klüber was also rated extremely well. In addition, the company Klüber attained the excellent rating of "Advanced" in the important category of Carbon Management Level.

"Compared with 2022, we got considerably better", is the happy verdict of Markus Hermann, Sustainability Manager at KLM. "Scoring 72 points, we are four points above last year's result.  This is an important external recognition of our efforts. It also matters to our customers, who increasingly expect their suppliers to have such a rating." EcoVadis is an independent rating platform generating holistic evaluations related to corporate social responsibility (CSR). They include the categories mentioned above.

Improvement over 2022
The award reflects the company's commitment to protecting the climate as well as its high standards regarding its own ecological footprint. Accordingly, Klüber succeeded in reducing its CO2eq emissions at its company sites worldwide by 76 percent between 2019 and 2022. This means the company attained the ambitious goal of reducing emissions under Scope 1 and 2 by 75 percent by 2025 ahead of time. Moreover, the company's remaining emissions were rendered climate-neutral in terms of numbers by purchasing compensation certificates of projects funding wind power parks or the protection of the rain forest in the global south.

Besides the company's efforts regarding its own ecological footprint, much more sizeable contributions to climate protection can be attained through its handprint, i.e. by Klüber Lubrication supporting users to produce in a safer, more efficient and more sustainable way. "As a specialist for lubricants, we have always supported our customers in attaining their sustainability goals. Through KlüberEnergy projects and the optimisation of lubrication achieved with them, for example, approximately 438 GWh of power - corresponding to  67,000 tonnes of CO2 - were saved at customers. This is more than what Klüber as a company has consumed in a year", Markus Hermann points out.

An overview of sustainability at Klüber Lubrication is provided by the Sustainability Report, due to be published as of May 2023.

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Klüber Lubrication awarded with gold medal for sustainability again in 2023