Klüber Lubrication receives 'ESG Transparency Award' for its Sustainability Report

Additional recognition following Responsible Care Award for climate protection

12/07/2023, Munich

Klüber Lubrication has received the 'ESG Transparency Award' in the ‘Excellence‘ class from the renowned organisation EUPD Research. This award honours outstanding performance in terms of the transparency and quality of Klüber’s Sustainability Report.

“The ESG Transparency Award ‘Excellence’ once again confirms the high standard of our commitment. For Klüber Lubrication in its role of being part of the solution to sustainability-related problems, external recognition is very important,” explains Markus Hermann, Sustainability Manager Klüber Lubrication Group. It was just last November that Klüber Lubrication received the Responsible Care Award of the European Chemical Industry Council for its climate protection action plan. “This recognition is important since with our sustainability strategy we’re not only continuously reducing our footprint. What’s even more important is that we make a much larger contribution to sustainability with our products and services by helping our customers to get considerably better in this field,” Markus Hermann says.

The ESG Transparency Award goes to organisations that are already on a path towards more corporate social responsibility and have made forward-looking sustainability concepts part of their corporate strategy.

Comprehensive overview of sustainability initiatives
The report by Klüber Lubrication affords a comprehensive view of the company’s sustainability initiatives, including measures to reduce the ecological footprint, enhance a safe working environment and strengthen an ethically sound supply chain.

As a specialist for the lubrication of highly differentiated and technically complex systems, Klüber Lubrication keeps up a culture which takes into consideration not just the technical aspects of production, but also the resulting long-term effects on people, society and the planet’s eco-systems.

The Sustainability Report of Klüber Lubrication can be downloaded:


Markus Hermann, Sustainability Manager Klüber Lubrication Group