Chem-Trend at DKT 2024

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Rubber Processing

05/16/2024, Maisach

As the European rubber industry gathers at DKT 2024 on July 1st, Chem-Trend, a company of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Group and a global leader in the development of high-quality release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemicals and additives, is excited to demonstrate its dedication to sustainability through the latest innovations in rubber release agents. The conference’s theme, “Networking for a sustainable future,” is a perfect match for Chem-Trend’s mission to provide environmentally responsible solutions.

The Choice of Release Agent Makes a Crucial Impact
Clemens Jäger, Chem-Trend’s Technical Sales Expert, will enlighten attendees with his presentation “Rubber Release Agents – Basics, Potential & Sustainability” on Monday, 1st July, at 5 pm CET. His expertise, drawn from 20 years in the industry, will explore the significance of release agents in sustainable production practices. “The Release Agent makes a decisive impact on several aspects within the production process. What kind of Release Agents exist, how do they differ from each other, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and last but not least, what influence does the choice of the Release Agent have on Sustainability. My presentation aims to answer those questions.” says Clemens Jäger. This is particularly relevant as Chem-Trend marks one year since its European portfolio became entirely free of PFAS, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Chem-Trend’s IPMC: Transforming Mould Cleaning into Child’s Play with Innovation
Chem-Trend also introduces the In-Press Mould Cleaner (IPMC), an innovative technology that simplifies mould cleaning during production. The IPMC, a versatile rubber compound, is designed to fit seamlessly into various production cycles, potentially eliminating the need for offline cleaning and thus reducing downtime and costs.

The process of using IPMC is straightforward: place it into the production mould, run the mould cycle up to three times, remove the compound, and recondition the mould with Chem-Trend Release Agent. This method keeps the mould in operation, saving energy and time, reducing the reliance on external cleaning equipment, and cutting overall cleaning expenses.

Visit Chem-Trend at Hall 9, Stand 9-537
Chem-Trend invites visitors to see their expert rubber team in hall 9 a booth 9-537. The team is looking forward to discussing how sustainable and efficient release and mould cleaning solutions can benefit rubber production processes.